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Work starts for Cedar Hills Crossing murals

By referral of Portland mural client, Silhouette Tailoring Studio, I was connected to Pacific Northwest development firm, C. E. John Company. June 2017 is the start of what will become a multi-mural effort on their massive Cedar Hills Crossing redevelopment in Beaverton, OR.

The first step is to establish a comprehensive design and mural plan. Under a consultation agreement, through the Determinations and Directions Report portion of my services, we were able to establish a scope, theme, style, and overall visual impact for what will become potentially six mural sites.

The first three murals are tentatively scheduled for painting in late Summer – early Fall 2017. They are the immediate design priority. While, the remaining murals will come as buildings are completed in Spring – Summer 2018.

Keep your eyes out for progress updates as the project moves along!





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