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“Living in a Day Dream” has a new home with Elizabeth Drout

“Living in a Day Dream”, Oil on Canvas – Has a new home with Elizabeth “Liz” Drout


Elizabeth “Liz” Drout and I just reconnected in the last year. She lived in Oregon with an artist who I did the Kows for Kids with (2002). Surprisingly, shortly after I moved back to Southern California (2004), Liz got accepted into a Masters program in San Diego. I was delighted when she moved down here and we were pretty good about staying in touch… until… I moved to the East Coast (2008). Luckily, in the last year, Liz and I have reconnected! She has always been an art lover. Although she may be a little nervous about creating her own works, she has no fear of jumping in to help me on mine!

I was totally honored when she took me aside at the Gypsy Bride Closing Reception to ask about the meaning and inspiration of “Living in a Day Dream.” I shared the symbolism and how it intertwines with a couple of the other paintings in the series. Liz told me about how the colors and the figure resonated with her. And then… she said she wanted it! Liz was almost giddy with excitement. Her confidence in knowing that she wanted to take this painting home was awesome. I am so glad Liz found a new piece of art and that she owns on of the Gypsy Brides!

Thank you Liz!

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