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“Nature vs Nurture” celebrates its new home with Pamela Wolf

“Nature vs Nurture,” Oil on Canvas, celebrates its new home with Pamela Wolf.

Pamela fell in love with the painting “Nature vs Nurture” when she came over day after day to paint in the studio with me. We talked about the theory behind the biological clock and the impact society can put on young (and aging) adults to reproduce. It was a great experience to have Pam in the studio! I don’t think the painting was even finished when Pam said she wanted to purchase it. We worked out a modest payment schedule, and at the end of the Gypsy Bride Show at the Solana Beach City Hall Gallery, Pam officially took ownership of “Nature vs Nurture.” She has expressed pure love for her new painting!

I have to say, its moments like these that I know why I am an artist. Thank you Pamela Wolf for being my friend, my muse and one of my collectors.

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