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The First Of Many Murals At Cedar Hills Crossing!

The first of many murals at Cedar Hills Crossing!

I’ve been working on comprehensive design and mural plans with Pacific Northwest development firm, C. E. John Company. Our contract started in the summer of 2017 under a consultation agreement that investigated multi-mural opportunities on the massive Cedar Hills Crossing redevelopment project. Through the Determinations and Directions Report portion of my services, we were able to establish a scope, theme, style, and overall visual impact for what would become six mural sites scattered across four buildings.

The first three murals were immediate design priority. Upon submitting the first wave of sketches, the development team quickly provided me with approvals and revision requests. One of those designs was actually set aside so that it could be used within the Spring mural planning.

Although a little behind schedule (due to construction delays), the first three murals were painted in Fall 2017!

Take a gander at these large, outdoor murals next time you are out and about. They are located on the corner of SW Cedar Hills Blvd. and SW Jenkins Road in Beaverton, OR.


Keep an eye peeled for the Spring 2018 wave of murals to come.

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