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Artist Bio

Raziah Roushan has been making a mark on the American public as a professional artist and arts advocate. For two decades, Roushan has been working as a professional artist in mediums such as oil, acrylic, charcoal, pastel, aerosol, printmaking, as well murals and large-scale chalk art. After receiving a Bachelors of Fine Art from Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland Oregon (2004), she traveled the planet teaching, networking, and contracting for the purposes of visual art.

Roushan’s works play with symbolism, visual genre collage, and diverse techniques. She blends traditional methods with contemporary styles such as graffiti, text and stencil. Through constant juxtapositions of imagery, Roushan develops stories on the canvas by which viewers are invited to engage into conversation and debate. Her portfolio includes over 50 exhibitions, over 20 large-scale murals, and performance at over 47 chalk festivals.

After years of working with non-profit agencies across the United States, Roushan sought a Master’s Degree in Art Administration from Savannah College of Art & Design (2012). This continued to advance her business skills as a professional leading her into becoming an executive-level arts administrator and freelance consultant. Some of Roushan’s most notable positions held include being the Chalk Artist Chair for Carlsbad ArtSplash, Lead Art Instructor for Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, Grant Writer and Foundry Art Studios Manager for New Village Arts Theatre, Program Director for San Marcos Arts Council, Director of Marketing at Oceanside Museum of Art, Managing Director for Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre/Northwest, and most recently Executive Director for Tualatin Valley Creates.

Raziah Roushan is an artist to follow as she will no doubt continue to inspire hearts and activate minds.

Resume or CV upon request.

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