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16,000 Flowers From MOHAI Museum To Pike’s Market, Seattle

16,000 flowers from MOHAI Museum to Pike’s Market, Seattle

Seattle’s MOHAI to Market trail was covered in daffodils and tulips; 16,000+ in fact. This year the city welcomed spring by hosting a DaffoLips Festival. But before I had the pleasure of chalking the 10’x15′ spring-inspired bouquet, I had to help direct trail walkers to the Festival activities. On Friday, March 29, I and fellow commercial artist, Abraham Mong, laid out 120 directionals from Belltown to Union Park. This was a 12-hour undertaking but it worked! I repeatedly heard reference to the directionals as attendees strolled through Bell Street enjoying live music and games.

Beyond the joy of chalking on Saturday, my favorite part was meeting Joan! (Pictured sitting in chair) Joan is a staple in the neighborhood. We shared travel stories, political theories, and our passions for the arts. Turns out, she also attended the August 2018 Belltown Chalk Festival wherein she gifted artist, Chelsea with a dozen cup cakes! So although the chalk art is temporary, my memories with Joan will last a lifetime. Thank you!


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