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Spirit Animals Like To Rock-out Too!

Spirit animals like to rock-out too!

Pennsylvania-based video editor and commercial photographer, Tia Rafait has recently been commissioning custom artwork by her friends all across the United States. I’ve known Tia for over 14 years. As a punk rocker, planet traveler, and confident entrepreneur, she is a force to be reckoned with. For me, this was an opportunity to celebrate how multi-versed she is. This painting was especially fun to compose. Tia and I tossed photos and sketches back and forth to narrow down that perfect energy of her spirit animal, the great grizzly. Each element from the gnarling bear to the serenity of the aurora borealis are all symbolic of her unique nature. I’m honored to be one of the artists in her growing collection.

Thank you “Rocker Tia”!

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