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New Works From An “old” Idea

New works from an “old” idea

Without exposing too much… There has been a brewing idea that started about 5 years ago. Those who visit my studio know that that idea has been come to be called “World War Three”. I’ve been wrestling for years on how to portray an unanswerable question on a 2-dimensional surface. Sketches and reference images have been piling up, paintings have been started and then abandoned, and countless conversations with colleagues have only continued to fuel the fire but not release the flame; until now!

“Communication”, 30″x40″, Acrylic and Aerosol on Canvas (2018)

Thanks to fellow artist, Willow D’Arcy the WW3 series is taking back over my studio space. It’s been liberating to take a different approach in regards to realism and abstraction. Rather than working in otherwise representational imagery, I’m exploring more raw expression. The series, after all is rooted in anxiety and fear. This visual freedom has been liberating!

There are still ample symbols abound in each composition, however they are becoming 1, 2, 3, 4… steps removed from an otherwise direct reflection of a charge word. All that to say, it will be my pleasure to share with you the evolution of the works, and to hear your perspectives on the topic.

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