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And the shovel will live on.

Sandi Johnson, a San Diego County resident and business owner called out of the blue last fall. When I answered, she asked "is this Raziah the artist?" Yes I replied. "Do you still do art?" she asked. Yes I replied.…

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Immortalizing The Artists Of Today!

Immortalizing the artists of today!

Sure we know the master artists of yesteryear, but let's remember to give credit to the amazing artists of today! Last weekend, 360CHALK Team Cynthia Kostylo, Cecelia Linayao, Delphine Louie Anaya, and myself immortalized 11 living, working, street painters in…

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Yes. I Have Seizures

Yes. I have seizures

If you did not already know, I have epilepsy. I've had my first seizure at age 7, and a handful since then. Thankfully I also have what doctors call "auras" and what I call "de ja vus." This has been…

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What?? Ketchup? Really?

That's right! Two paintings made entirely out of good ole' Heinz 57. On September 9, 2014 I worked with the upbeat Brownsville Texas Johnny Rockets Restaurant team on their official opening event. In just two hours I created two fabulous…

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