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2nd Place Awarded At The San Diego County Fair!

2nd place awarded at the San Diego County Fair!

On June 19, 2016 I humbly took home the 2nd Place Award for this years annual San Diego County Fair Chalk Festival. My 10×10 street painting entitled “I’m Late” wowed onlookers with its Steampunk interpretation of Lewis Carols classic Alice In Wonderland. The composition featured a cosplay character dressed as the White Rabbit, complete with fuzzy ears and the infamous clock.

This year the Fair brought together the talents of ten chalk artists all creating their own adaption on the theme- Alice In Wonderland fused with influences from Steampunk, cosplay, great literature, and whacky machinery! The Chalk Festival took place in the Garden Exhibition under shaded screens and between fanciful landscape exhibits. Laughter-filled Tea Parties, along with kazoo music by a roaming Steampunk band filled the air. We all enjoyed responses from onlookers as they watched the asphalt come to life minute by minute.

Although I call Beaverton, Oregon home now, I’m regularly travelling south for San Diego events and client projects. If you haven’t been following, since arriving to Oregon May 2015, I’ve had six exhibitions including three solo shows! 2016 continues to be a colorful year for me on the west coast. The Chalk Festival’s award has re-energized me for my next showcase in Blackfish Gallery’s Fish Bowl project, Portland, Oregon, September 2016. See you at the next one!

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