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“… And Still I Am Learning.”

“… and still I am learning.”

When I was in my under grad program, there was a quote over the library entrance that simply read “… and still I am learning – Michelangelo.” I don’t think it actually made sense until about a year after my graduation when I was travelling across the planet. I traveled as an observer; a wanderer soaking up cultural landscapes. It was then that I realized what the quote meant to me. It was a simple reminder that I should be humble and be accepting toward unintended lessons.

I embody this methodology when I can. In fact, although I have 15-years of experience, I am currently taking a Community Education class on muraling! It’s about how murals change communities whether by simply being decorative or by making political statements. The class is being led by Portland artist, Adam Ciresi who has been an active public artist for more than a decade. The main reason I am taking the class is to gain insight into Portland’s rich mural history. Some of the works around town celebrate individuals who’ve impacted local neighborhoods, others are dynamic street art compositions of animal-humanoid creatures spanning an entire building side (or two). While others still are large quotes designed to inspire hope in to our everyday routines.

What better way to embody the timeless statement than to be around people that challenge me to re-imagine my own methods and methodologies.

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