“Unwilling to Let Go” goes home with Elena Lai Etcheverry

Gypsy Bride Series: Unwilling to Let Go: 24"x18", Oil on Canvas (2013). Sale Price $300 includes custom framing.

“Unwilling to Let Go”, Oil on Canvas has a new home with Elena Lai Etcheverry!

The owner and founder of Charity Wings Art Center, Elena Lai Etcheverry knew instantly that she wanted to own one of the Gypsy Brides! Elena attended the California State University San Marcos Art Gallery show in the summer of 2013 at a time when she was looking for a boost in inspiration. At the show she asked me which of the paintings in the series most embodied “Hope, Determination and Perseverance?” All of the qualities she lives and brings to her non-profit arts organization on a daily basis. We walked around the gallery, talking about each composition and the symbolism. When we walked up to “Unwilling to Let Go” Elena knew that this was the painting for her!

It was exciting to be approached by Elena and asked such a question. I had never experienced anyone ever doing that. It really made me ponder- Which of the fourteen new paintings shared, not only in content but also in composition and color the “Hope, Determination and Perseverance” qualities Elena was seeking. “Unwilling to Let Go” is a strong painting. The figure sits alone on the stair landing, with frogs scattered down the train of her dress. She is overlooking the isle of a church scene in which her groom and the wedding party lay in waiting. This painting plays a lot with lights and darks, not only in value but also in the way of metaphorical struggles. I can see how Elena was drawn to this piece. She is a very strong individual; a leader and a pioneer. I’m am so glad she found her very own Gypsy Bride!

“Living in a Day Dream” has a new home with Elizabeth Drout

Gypsy Bride Series: Living in a Day Dream: 15"x30", Oil on Canvas (2013). Sold

“Living in a Day Dream”, Oil on Canvas – Has a new home with Elizabeth “Liz” Drout

Elizabeth “Liz” Drout and I just reconnected in the last year. She lived in Oregon with an artist who I did the Kows for Kids with (2002). Surprisingly, shortly after I moved back to Southern California (2004), Liz got accepted into a Masters program in San Diego. I was delighted when she moved down here and we were pretty good about staying in touch… until… I moved to the East Coast (2008). Luckily, in the last year, Liz and I have reconnected! She has always been an art lover. Although she may be a little nervous about creating her own works, she has no fear of jumping in to help me on mine!

I was totally honored when she took me aside at the Gypsy Bride Closing Reception to ask about the meaning and inspiration of “Living in a Day Dream.” I shared the symbolism and how it intertwines with a couple of the other paintings in the series. Liz told me about how the colors and the figure resonated with her. And then… she said she wanted it! Liz was almost giddy with excitement. Her confidence in knowing that she wanted to take this painting home was awesome. I am so glad Liz found a new piece of art and that she owns on of the Gypsy Brides!

Thank you Liz!

“Nature vs Nurture” celebrates its new home with Pamela Wolf.

Gypsy Bride Series: Nature vs. Nurture: 20"x24", Oil on Canvas (2013). Sale Price $350 includes custom framing.

“Nature vs Nurture,” Oil on Canvas, celebrates its new home with Pamela Wolf.


Pamela fell in love with the painting “Nature vs Nurture” when she came over day after day to paint in the studio with me. We talked about the theory behind the biological clock and the impact society can put on young (and aging) adults to reproduce. It was a great experience to have Pam in the studio! I don’t think the painting was even finished when Pam said she wanted to purchase it. We worked out a modest payment schedule, and at the end of the Gypsy Bride Show at the Solana Beach City Hall Gallery, Pam officially took ownership of “Nature vs Nurture.” She has expressed pure love for her new painting!

I have to say, its moments like these that I know why I am an artist. Thank you Pamela Wolf for being my friend, my muse and one of my collectors.

The “Gypsy Bride” Closing Reception at the Solana Beach City Hall Gallery ended in a bang!

Raziah Roushan dazzled attendees as they enjoyed an evening of live music, light refreshments and the rich story-telling involved in the Gypsy Bride oil painting series. Roushan first took on the massive collection when she was invited to exhibit at the California State University Gallery in the Summer of 2013. At that time, she mentioned to coordinator Marilyn Huerta (who also happens to be the SMAC Board President) that she had an idea for a colorful, cubist body of work centered on the hypothesis: “What is the life cost of being in a committed relationship?” Without hesitation, Huerta loved the concept and encourage Roushan to develop the series. Since then Roushan has sold three paintings from the collection, added new compositions and confirmed more exhibitions for 2014!

What is so special about this series, is that each canvas has a story. The symbols, the way the foregrounds interact with the backgrounds and even the way each painting relates to the other ones weave together a rich fabric of theories, experiences and fantasies. At the Closing Reception on February 13, 2014 Roushan brought all of these stories to life! She toured groups of people through the gallery sharing the creative process and intention of each artwork. Viewers had opportunities to ask questions and give input to “committed relationship” stories of their own. The show came down the following day, but the impact on those who had a chance to attend the show are still going strong.