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Sure, a chalk festival can handle the rain…

Host the largest annual fundraiser for the Marietta Museum of Art by inviting 50+ chalk artists and attract 30,000+ attendees; now ADD RAIN. Rumor is that the Chalktober chalk festival gets rain every year. Yes, it happens to festivals here and there, but the Chalktober coordinators say “bring it on!” Here’s how they do it:

  1.  Procure ample thick gauge plastic;
  2.  Lay said plastic in center of street then flank with chalk squares;
  3.  Provide specific instructions to artists on how to store supplies and how to unfurl plastic when rain comes;
  4.  Assign 1 onsite weather person (who will be checking their phone for up to the minute weather conditions);
  5.  Give a 10-minute warning just before rain;
  6.  Unfurl plastic with the aid of all artists, volunteers, and random event attendees;
  7.  Go have a beer;
  8.  Watch as City employees use leaf blowers to slick water away;
  9.  Fold plastic back into center;
  10.  Continue chalking.

If you like logistics, you’ve got to plan a trip to the next Chalktober Fest.

Marietta Chalktober Fest
Marietta, GA

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