Immortalizing the artists of today!

Sure we know the master artists of yesteryear, but let’s remember to give credit to the amazing artists of today! Last weekend, 360CHALK Team Cynthia Kostylo, Cecelia Linayao, Delphine Louie Anaya, and myself immortalized 11 living, working, street painters in our Creativity out of the Box featured work at Via Colori, Houston, Texas. The circular composition included artists working on their own street paintings just feet from the 30′ diameter center piece. Throughout the weekend we delighted in sending festival attendees to these artists work; as well as have the artists themselves come and watch the progress of their larger-than-life portraits rise from the concrete in full color!


Raziah Roushan working on image of HP Dodge


Muralist, HP Dodge with Raziah Roushan’s chalk portrait.

Included in the image were:

HP Dodge

Delphine Louie Anaya

Ruben Arriaga


Cecelia Linayao

Kenneth Pierson

Liem Bui

Raul Rincon Gallardo Domenzain

Raziah Roushan

Rebekah Tee

Henry Darnell


Tell your story at Captain Tony’s Saloon!

Sarasota 2015 croppedNovember was a month of jet-setting! It took all my Tetris skills to pack chalk supplies for the Sarasota Art Festival November 10-16, 2015. The 360CHALK team including myself, Cynthia Kostylo, and Cecelia Linayao rocked a circular composition inspired by the colorful stories of countless characters who’ve frequented Florida’s oldest bar- Captain Tony’s Saloon. To my delight, we had a handful of attendees to the festival actually share their own personal stories of being at Tony’s (and being kicked out of Tony’s!) as we worked through the busy weekend.

Surrounded by incredible 3D street painting by more than 50 international artists, our 360CHALK team felt the pressure to push our 2D composition to the max. We upped our color, added more sass to the female characters, and pumped up the gruff to the old salty dogs bellied up to the bar. Check out our finished 360. You, as the viewer, are actually the bartender! All these folks, from famous writers and actresses to the “regulars” of local drunks and bar flies are at Tony’s to share their own stories of the day! Enjoy.