Exploring Portland, OR

On May 19, 2015 I took a walking tour of Portland’s finest art galleries. There is a monthly First Thursday Art Walk that offers great maps of Portland’s posh Pearl District and its who’s who. With pen and map in hand, I hit the streets!

While exploring both traditional and non-traditional venues for my art, I found a great resource in the Regional Arts & Culture Council – http://www.racc.org/resources/calls-for-artists. They have an up-to-date portal for artists to find exhibition and residency opportunities! Check it out.

Portland has changed a lot in tn years. I’d love to hear your recommendations for any art venues! The Gypsy Brides are ready for another summer tour.

Newport Beach 2015

There is a popular saying “Go big or go home;” we did! In April 2015 Cyndi Kostylo lead our team in a 30′ diameter street painting at the Newport Beach Del A’rte. The street painting was a recreation of Italy’s Fountain of the Four Gods. Take a look at the festival as it built up on Saturday afternoon: