Paint your world in bright colors!

…Or paint your own body in bright colors -such as our ArtSplash ballerina did this last weekend! Mike Kadera joined me for another amazing, large chalk square (I could really get used to having him as a helper). We rocked out this 12’x12′ anatomically-dynamic and very playful image in just a day and a half. I hope you got a chance to see it in person, but if you missed ArtSplash this year here is one of my favorite photos from the weekend.

ArtSplash 2014: 12'x12' Chalk Pastel on Asphalt. Assistant: Mike Kadera.

ArtSplash 2014: 12’x12′ Chalk Pastel on Asphalt. Assistant: Mike Kadera.



ArtSplash! Sep. 27 & 28, 2014

ASrackcard2014.indd It’s that time of year again –ARTSPLASH is HERE!

Mike Kadera will be joining me again to 10153204_725165624184440_5660983402261973276_nhelp bring the pavement to life. We will be working on a very playful image of a ballerina dripping paint all over herself at the Carlsbad ArtSplash. The long lines of her dancer body along with the vibrant colors of wet paint are sure to sparkle in the Carlsbad sun this late September.


Interesting back story: Kadera and I went to PNCA together between 2001-2004. His body of work at the time included thought-provoking, larger than life paintings of archetypal symbolism and American satire. (You can probably see how I was instantly attracted to him!)

Kadera chalkingHowever Kadera found passions beyond the canvas; he desired a medium in which to help people thrive. Kadera has continued on from the painting field into the world of counseling. Kadera graduated in 2007 with a Masters in Psychology and currently upholds a full practice in Beaverton, Oregon.

Given my selfish passion for the arts to awaken peoples’ perspective on being, I have always longed for Kadera to enter back into the visual arts realm. Having him on my chalk team satisfies my soul that he is still playing with color and scale. And that maybe… one day… Kadera will bless our world with another wave of his own brilliant, technically masterful canvas works.

Visit us at ArtSplash to see our creative talents collide.



Get In On The Auction at Twin Oaks Gallery, Sep. 15 -Oct. 26

Auction Cover Photo final

Do you love a bargain? How about some fresh art for the office? Well then you need to get down to Twin Oaks Gallery for this show!

Get In On The Auction offers locals a killer deal on great paintings by San Diego painters Celestte, Kent Campbell and Raziah Roushan. More than 50 works will adorn the walls of the Twin Oaks Gallery but they won’t be there for long. So hurry!

Ventura Art Festival Sep. 13 & 14, 2014.

Ventura face4The Ventura Art Festival is one of many Southern California chalk festivals taking place this summer. I was delighted to be accepted and even happier to meet the team of volunteers running the festival. Barbara, Ralph and Diane went over and above to make my time on the Ventura Harbor absolutely magical.


In the course of two days I completed a 6.5’x9′ chalk square. The image is a young sun-toned woman looking longingly upward while her olive hue, feather-adorned eyelashes accentuate the rich caramel glow of her irises. It was a pleasure working on such a large scale face. I look forward to participating again next year!

What?? Ketchup? Really?

NjvyWjQHginxBVZymrBo8zhO0E5DPpUBU1QYV4t9zYk YlJ5ezjKS56H_gWmnq4-og66OYkM0Xqz9L0gZwrRptQThat’s right! Two paintings made entirely out of good ole’ Heinz 57. On September 9, 2014 I worked with the upbeat Brownsville Texas Johnny Rockets Restaurant team on their official opening event. In just two hours I created two fabulous ketchup paintings for a sea of smiling faces. Although the paintings themselves don’t last very long, the memories will last a lifetime.