Arts Alive, Mission Viejo 2017

It wasn’t the children ooh-ing and ah-ing at last weekend’s Arts Alive Chalk Festival; it was grown ups! On April 29 & 30, I returned to the small festival’s asphalt to create a special composition in honor of the visionary, Jim Henson. The composition featured Jim Henson, Frank Oz, fellow puppeteer, and the sentimentalSesame Street characters, Bert and Ernie.

Arts Alive, Mission Viejo, CA (2017). 5′ x 7′. Chalk Pastel on Asphalt.

As I worked through each figure, I heard countless “awe… It’s Bert and Ernie” from adults meandering throughthefestival. Once they were standing atmy square, many leaned down and tenderly asked their youngsters- “Do you know who that is?” “No” answered a majority of children. “It’s Bert and Ernie” they’d say. “You know, the ones who sing the ‘rubber ducky’ song…”. (Sadly, not much luck jogging their young memories.)

As one multi-generational family approached my square, they actually began to sing the rubber ducky song!

It was a true delight working on such a sentimental image. And, although the chalk art is temporary, the joyful memories those attendees and I share for Sesame Street’s infamous creator will live on forever.

And the shovel will live on.

Sandi Johnson (center) with her mother and father. Father depicted in painting with Sandi’s son.

Sandi Johnson, a San Diego County resident and business owner called out of the blue last fall. When I answered, she asked “is this Raziah the artist?” Yes I replied. “Do you still do art?” she asked. Yes I replied. “Oh, I’m so glad you have the same phone number. You did a painting of my daughter and my father-in-law 12 years ago. I’d like to commission you to do a new painting for me…”

As the call went on, we reminisced about the impact that originalpainting had had on her family. She said she had gifted it to her daughter. Now, she wanted a painting of her son and her own father. She had the exact image in mind!

We met inher hair salon in Vista to review photos, plan a size, and negotiate a contract. The composition was perfect- the two had beencaptured working in the backyard under the spotted shadows of Southern California fauna. Grandpa, in the glory of his 1980s vest and aviator sunglasses happily taught his pint-sized protege how to properly take on the joys of yard work. What could possibly be more endearing!?

Shortly there after I left the salon and returned to my Oregon studio to get started. I like to make it a practice of having clients visit me in the studio while working on their projects. However, given the distance, I had to keep Sandi up-to-date on her painting through emails and photographs. Each week, I’d send her an update on all the colors and layers as they melted together.

Oil on Canvas

The oil painting took about 3 months to create before I returnedto Sandi’s salon to present her the canvas. I arrived, package in hand, and quickly began to unwrap the surprise. Sandi was glowing when she saw it in person for the first time. She began to tear up, and as she wiped tears from her eyes she laughingly said “I told myself I wasn’t going to cry.” (Ya, like that ever works for anyone.)

To my surprise, Sandi had invited her family to be there when I presented the finished painting.I got to meet Sandi’s mom and the painting’s head honcho – “Dad.” As I shared my favorite moments of working on the painting, Sandi’s dad interrupted saying “I’ve got that shovel.” “Really?” asked everyone in the room. Yes he replied; “I’ve got it in the bed of the truck.” Sure enough, he brought the shovel in from the parking lot. What a coincidence! He just happened to betaking the shovel to the hardware store to get a new handle. After a round of laughs, he shared the origins of the shovel and how he came upon it. He also fondly remembered that exact day when he and Sandi’s son were working in the yard.

All told, it warmed my heart that Sandi had saved my information for so long. I am completely honored to have been the artist she chose to capture the most memorable moments in her family’s life. Being there with her and her parents has already become one of my favoritememories.

Thank you Sandi.

Happy Birthday Amy!

Over the past two years, Amy has gone over and above on friend duties. She lets me borrow tons of stuff; everything frombbq’s and projectors, to glittery eye shadow. She’s watched my cat, and her husband has diagnosed the “knocking” sounds in my car. When Amy’s birthday came up this spring, I pondered what could she possibly want that she wouldn’t already get for herself. Then it hit me! A custom painting just for her!

Feeding off Michael Kadera’s blue and orange painting in Amy’s living room, I created a red-heavy abstract utilizing texture, glazing, high-key contrast, and motion. And, as a special reflection of Amy’s love for sparkle, I added multiple metallic accents from a blended copper with red inference to antique gold with burnt sienna. She loved it!

As a studio artist, I really enjoyed making this giftfor Amy. It reflects her sarcastic nature (blue horizontal interruption), her strength of character (white/yellow pillars), and her girlishness (metallics). I look forward to many more years as friends.

Happy birthday Amy Miller!

Artist Talk with Raziah Roushan

Join the Beaverton City Library for an artist talk with Raziah Roushan; the artist currently on display at Beaverton City Library Main. Ms. Roushan will give a 30 minute slideshow discussing her work and then lead a guided tour of her paintings in the library.

Thursday, February 9, 2017 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Beaverton City Library, Meeting Room B

12375 SW 5th St, Beaverton, OR 97005

This event is free and open to the public.

No registration required.



20% OFF: Fall 2016 Gypsy Bride print special!

Hello art lovers and exhibition goers!

Each fall I run a special on one of my many fine art expressions. Some specials over the years have included 10% off mural contracts, 15% off commissions, and the always spectacular – 30% off original paintings! This fall I’m offering a 20%discounton three select Gypsy Bride Prints*.

All In | Temporary Options | Happiness

I know purchasingan original painting can be out of reach for tight budgets. However as myGypsy Bride oil paintings continue to grow and have solo exhibitionsI want you,my fine art fans, to have an opportunity to collect the series. That is why I chose to professionally photograph and create high quality prints of each of the remaining paintings. With this fall’s special, now is a great time to start your collection!

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Happy Holidays friends, family, and associates!
-Raziah Roushan

What a nice thing to say

I send out an eNewsabout once a month. It somehow takes so much longer to draft than I’m ever prepared for… but last month my eNews highlighted four shows I was in. To my delight, Chris Muzilla (who designed my website) replied with the nicest compliment:

“Got your newsletter today and want to tell you that it looks really good. Very well laid out — I’ve seen numerous people try to write and format newsletters, and there are usually a few elements that can be improved upon. But yours looks great, easy to read, and it presents the content in a useful manner, a very efficient way to communicate with your subscribers.”

Thank you Chris!

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2nd place awarded at the San Diego County Fair!

San Diego County Fair (2016): 10'x10' Chalk Pastel on Asphalt. Second Place Awarded.

San Diego County Fair (2016): 10’x10′ Chalk Pastel on Asphalt. Second Place Awarded.

On June 19, 2016 I humbly took home the 2nd Place Award for this years annual San Diego County Fair Chalk Festival. My 10×10 street painting entitled “I’m Late” wowed onlookers with its Steampunk interpretation of Lewis Carols classic Alice In Wonderland. The composition featured a cosplay character dressed as the White Rabbit, complete with fuzzy ears and the infamous clock.

This year the Fair brought together the talents of ten chalk artists all creating their own adaption on the theme- Alice In Wonderland fused with influences from Steampunk, cosplay, great literature, and whacky machinery! The Chalk Festival took place in the Garden Exhibition under shaded screens and between fanciful landscape exhibits. Laughter-filled Tea Parties, along with kazoo music by a roaming Steampunk band filled the air. We all enjoyed responses from onlookers as they watched the asphalt come to life minute by minute.

Although I call Beaverton, Oregon home now, I’m regularly travelling south for San Diego events and client projects. If you haven’t been following, since arriving to Oregon May 2015, I’ve had six exhibitions including three solo shows! 2016 continues to be a colorful year for me on the west coast. The Chalk Festival’s award has re-energized me for my next showcase in Blackfish Gallery’s Fish Bowl project, Portland, Oregon, September 2016. See you at the next one!

Finally! Prints of the Gypsy Brides now available!

It took artists from two west coast states to help me align the peices; but it finally happened- PRINTS OF SELECTGYPSY BRIDES ARE NOW AVAILABLE!

Thanks to the talents of Oregon photographer, Bill Faulkner (William Faulkner Studios), and California reproduction master, Roger Zacharias (Evolve Digital) I completed a three-year goal. I’m delighted to now offer affordable prints of some of everyone’s favorite paintings in the Gypsy Bride series. Following is a price sheet for two paper/size options:

Print options - for web

Please visit my online gallery HERE to find your favorite today.


Gypsy Brides at Silhouette, NE Portland

Graffiti Edges - for webThe Gypsy Bride series is making its way through the Pacific Northwest! This time the show is under the direction of curator, Jeffrey Howard. The cubist-inspired paintings embark on their third Oregon exhibition housed in the intimate bridal salon, Silhouette.

What makes this show different, you may ask? This is the unveiling of one of the new works in the series, “Graffiti Edges.” “Graffiti Edges” makes its debut as one of the newly released prints available for the series. Given the hypothesis behind the body of paintings, this exhibition is strategically presented with the pairing of a leader in the wedding industry, Julia, Silhouette’s owner.

Enjoy the exhibition, on now through July 5, 2016.

ArtistsReception, June 3, 2016 from 6:00-8:00pm.


4225 NE Fremont St.

Portland, OR 97213


Tues-Fri: 10:00am-6:00pm

Sat: 10:00am-4:00pm

Closed Sun-Mon


“Graffiti Edges”, Oil on Canvas, 20″x30″ (2016)

Prints of the Gypsy Brides coming soon

Exciting news! I just had the remaining Gypsy Brides Series paintings professionally photographed today. From these photos I am planning to do a short run of prints. Prints will be on paper, easy to frame, and affordable to ship. Check out the Fine Art page HEREto see the Gypsy Brides Series. All the Brides that do not say “Sold” will be available for prints. I also have four new ones that are not yet online; pics up soon. (I’ll have to reach out to existing GB owners if they’ll approve reproductions of the sold ones…) Sizes will range from 8″x20″ to 16″x24″ dependent on the original painting dimensions.

Put your order in today! Email me at if you are interested.