Arts Alive, Mission Viejo 2017

It wasn’t the children ooh-ing and ah-ing at last weekend’s Arts Alive Chalk Festival; it was grown ups! On April 29 & 30, I returned to the small festival’s asphalt to create a special composition in honor of the visionary, Jim Henson. The composition featured Jim Henson, Frank Oz, fellow puppeteer, and the sentimentalSesame Street characters, Bert and Ernie.

Arts Alive, Mission Viejo, CA (2017). 5′ x 7′. Chalk Pastel on Asphalt.

As I worked through each figure, I heard countless “awe… It’s Bert and Ernie” from adults meandering throughthefestival. Once they were standing atmy square, many leaned down and tenderly asked their youngsters- “Do you know who that is?” “No” answered a majority of children. “It’s Bert and Ernie” they’d say. “You know, the ones who sing the ‘rubber ducky’ song…”. (Sadly, not much luck jogging their young memories.)

As one multi-generational family approached my square, they actually began to sing the rubber ducky song!

It was a true delight working on such a sentimental image. And, although the chalk art is temporary, the joyful memories those attendees and I share for Sesame Street’s infamous creator will live on forever.