20% OFF: Fall 2016 Gypsy Bride print special!

Hello art lovers and exhibition goers!

Each fall I run a special on one of my many fine art expressions. Some specials over the years have included 10% off mural contracts, 15% off commissions, and the always spectacular – 30% off original paintings! This fall I’m offering a 20%discounton three select Gypsy Bride Prints*.

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I know purchasingan original painting can be out of reach for tight budgets. However as myGypsy Bride oil paintings continue to grow and have solo exhibitionsI want you,my fine art fans, to have an opportunity to collect the series. That is why I chose to professionally photograph and create high quality prints of each of the remaining paintings. With this fall’s special, now is a great time to start your collection!

Contact medirectly to place your order today!

Happy Holidays friends, family, and associates!
-Raziah Roushan