“Reflections” will have a new home after the Cole Library Show

ReflectionsWithin 36 hours of installing the Gypsy Brides at the Cole Library, I had two calls for purchase. Local resident and community advocate, Rhonda Petrini is the new owner of “Reflections” and will be hanging her painting in her office as a graduation present to herself. She has mastered many obstacles over her life and is proud to be on the upswing. When she saw Reflections at the Library, she instantly called to secure the painting for her own.

I am delighted to bring color to Rhonda’s office and to have found a fellow community lover through the Library exhibit.


Gypsy Bride Exhibit at Cole Library, Carlsbad

4x6 postcard for Cole Exhibit 2014 - flat - small for webIn an age where ceremony is dictated by the undertones of modern culture, the exhibition Gypsy Bride by Raziah Roushan asks the viewer to re-examine the heart of matrimony. In a series of oil paintings, presented as a cubist exploration, Roushan juxtaposes iconographic symbols of white picket fences, blown-out candles, turning cogs and toads alongside lanky bride-inspired figures to weave into each painting the series’ inspiration – “What is the real cost of marriage? Not the financial cost but the compromises given or gained. What is the life cost of being in a committed relationship?”


Gypsy Bride is a vibrant series full of harmonious color and symbolism that speak to viewers of all ages and backgrounds. The show has received applause from artists, critics, collectors and curators around Southern California. Artist, Raziah Roushan has a history of creating works that require viewer interaction. Gypsy Bride is the kind of show that will have everyone talking.


Gypsy Bride will be on exhibit at the Georgina Cole Library, 1250 Carlsbad Village Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92008 from Aug. 15 – Sept. 26, 2014. The Library would like to invite you to in to see the show during business hours. Click HERE to see Library hours and contact information.

Another successful ArtWalk

Craig Garcia in SMAC booth1 Remi February - Dee Sanson - Tammy Gilespie in boothsThe August ArtWalk, sponsored by Old California Restaurant Row offered a most pleasant day of art, produce and riveting classics for our local community.

The ArtWalk is host to artists of all caliber; from students to professionals. This past weekend, the San Marcos Arts Council and Charity Wings Art Center joined the event to offer great insight into what they are doing for the arts in San Marcos.

Mark your calendars now for the September 7th ArtWalk

from 10am-2pm.

Follow the ArtWalk on Facebook, click HERE!